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SnowPaws Puffer Vest

SnowPaws Puffer Vest

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Warm, Dry & Comfortable

Dogs experience cold temperatures similarly to humans, with smaller dogs or those lacking a thick coat being particularly susceptible. Assist your beloved pet in navigating the challenging winter season, shielding them from chills, and safeguarding against frostbite and hypothermia during frigid outdoor strolls.


A Cold Weather Harness Replacement

The SnowPaws Puffer Vest represents the ideal cold-weather addition for a spirited canine companion. This waterproof jacket not only provides warmth but also serves as a reflective harness. Designed to ensure your pets stay dry and cozy from autumn through spring.

Premium Material

With its waterproof and windproof outer layer, this jacket offers excellent protection for your dog, shielding them from the harshest weather conditions and ensuring they remain dry. The composite fleece lining on the interior adds an extra layer of insulation, ensuring your dog stays both warm and comfortable, even in the most severe rain or snow.


Easy to Put on & Clean 

Equipped with a substantial, top-quality resin zipper positioned on the back, this canine jacket can be effortlessly fastened and unfastened, making it exceptionally convenient for putting on and taking off.


Built-in Harness for Convenience & Safety

Connects easily to a variety of leashes, so there is no need for a collar or another harness. Lined to be reflective and is adjustable to a perfect fit.





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